Jensen Sprinkler installs quality, water efficient irrigation systems. We also provide continued service and customer education after our initial installation. We have knowledgeable and experienced field technicians to keep your system in top running form. 

Underground Irrigation

We specialize in underground irrigation, or sprinklers, hence the name. It is what we do. It is our main industry focus. We don’t have a multifaceted business including plumbing, landscaping, mowing, tree trimming or Christmas lights like many other companies. We know that they can offer “package deals” that may seem more convenient and cost effective on the surface, BUT think about this – Can one company be really good at a dozen different things? Would you go to a podiatrist if you were having a heart attack or hire your lawn guy to cut your hair? The skill sets are similar, but they aren’t just focused in on what you really need. With most package deals, you aren’t getting the best sprinkler possible for your investment. 

 In our company we have a combined industry experience of over 70 years. We are committed to continuing education for our key employees.

We don’t have a plan B for our livelihood, so providing you with the best possible irrigation system is our key focus. 

In other words, YOU are our plan A.

Underground Drainage

Underground drainage systems are simply a combination of buried pipes that move the water from your existing downspout(s) out to daylight in your yard – away from your home. Draining rainwater underground reduces surface run-off, eliminates unsightly downspout extenders and reduces the chance of excessive rainwater ending up in your basement.

What does drainage have to do with sprinklers? We get called out at least a couple times a season to assess reasons why a homeowner is getting water in his/her basement. Why call your sprinkler guy? Because people with irrigation systems assume that the problem lies in the sprinkler because it has live water lines outside. More often than not that is not the case, but we have garnered a whole lot of knowledge over the years checking into it for people. The most common reason people get water in the basement is due to clogged gutters. Truly. During hard rains a clogged gutter will overflow and dump all that water right next to the foundation. The lesson here? Keep your gutters clean! The second thing we see is trapped downspout drains. With the boom in the popularity of concrete curbing and landscape edging, we have seen more people with water issues. Why? Often the above ground downspout disperses rainwater inside a concrete edged plant bed. In big rains the water backs up behind the concrete curbing, down the foundation walls and into your basement. There are also grade issues, foundation cracks and myriad of other reasons you may be getting water in your house that our outside of our realm of correction and if it is, we can’t point you in the right direction.

LED Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is an often overlooked component in the overall curb appeal of your home. We want the grass to be green and the plants to be healthy, but what kind of appeal does your house offer after the sun goes down or in the dead of winter? Lighting can enhance the look and security of your home. There are lighting choices to meet almost any budget and the possibilities are endless. Many homeowners start out with minimal lighting around the front of their home and love it so much they expand to other areas in their yard as their budget allows. There are lighting fixtures to match and enhance any style of decor, finish, personal preference or whimsy.

​What are the benefits of landscape lighting? 

LED lights are long lasting and highly effective. LED lights utilize 80% less voltage than halogen based lights, reducing and lower energy costs.  If you travel, landscape lighting can increase the security of your home. Lighting timers and a well lit exterior will give the impression of occupancy even in your absence. Well placed exterior lighting offer such a security bonus that many insurance companies will offer reduced homeowner’s insurance premiums if you invest in landscape lighting.

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